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Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, tantric massage & Sex Educator
Glasgow, Scotland
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I was interested to see lots of different techniques and skills and when I put some of them into practice, with Kirsteen coaching me, I felt a new interest and vitality, instead of the same old thing. I just hope I can remember all the things we covered. It was a little surreal to be talking over my husband's naked body, but he didn't seem to mind. I felt very relaxed and empowered, thank-you Kirsteen. You were very supportive, professional, empathetic and warm, I learnt a lot and look forward to trying things out. we carried on with some of the techniques before bed and I felt relaxed that it didn't have to end in sex, so I think I enjoyed it more and could relax.
Patricia (Teacher, Brisbane)

Why would you set out to grow as a person but leave a huge and profound part of your self in the dark ages? Personal development leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we tick, but how can that be complete with out knowing and understanding our sexual nature and potential? Kirsteen is so gentle, sensitive, understanding and strong in the work she does. She has encouraged and supported my exploration into areas of my life I never know existed. I would challenge anyone to call Kirsteen and start a whole new level of sexual discovery under her guidance. You will be so glad you did.

Guy (Tranformational Coach NSW)

Kirsteen has been incredibly helpful and supportive in facilitating my own journey into expanding and exploring my sexual knowledge, and developing my unique sexual personality. She is extremely committed, passionate and knowledgable in all areas of sexuality and how this relates to the individual and their relationships with others. She is very mindful of the level of knowledge in this area you may come to her with,  and is able to enhance your understanding at your own individual pace. I've found her support to be extremely helpful not only in developeing my own sexual identity, but also understanding others.'           

Corinne Bett (Naturopath)