Esensual Sexology UK

Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, tantric massage & Sex Educator
Glasgow, Scotland
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What can I expect from a session

Am I naked during the session?

As Certified Sexological Bodyworker, I adhere to the code of ethics established by the ACSB and am clothed during sessions.

Is mutual touch permitted during a session?

Touch sessions are one way touch, as most of us rarely fully receive and appreciate pleasure from another person without feeling the need to reciprocate. When you allow yourself to fully receive you may open yourself up to experiencing more pleasure within your whole body rather than simply focused on the genital area.

Do I have sexual intercourse with my clients

No, my services as a somatic sex coach is not the same as sexual surrogacy. Touch is always one way -(Practitioner - client) as state in my code of ethics. The only variation is when touch is used in a none erotic and sexual way to teach the client the four different types of touch and understand authentic consent (developed from Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent). This form of touch is with both practitioner and client fully clothed and does not include genital touch.