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Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, tantric massage & Sex Educator
Glasgow, Scotland
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Esensual Touch

Your body is your instrument of pleasure: touch it, play it, pluck it, stroke it, tease it, tap it, savour it, learn it, love it, listen to it.

Human existence craves pleasure, touch, & connection.

Esensual touch is an evening dedicated to honoring these basic human needs.

Experience and understand the difference between authentically giving touch and receiving touch. 

Explore the four types of touch: Giving, Receiving, Allowing, Absorbing

Explore your "resilient edge of resistance"

Explore the concept of authentic consent and self-empowerment.

During this workshop we will explore a range of sensations, experiences through touch and discuss what we noticed in our bodies before, during and after.

This class is clothing optional and you are at choice to participate in each exercise.

Come with a curious mind and a willingness to expand, share and play.

Contact Kirsteen for times and details