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Shame & Guilt

Posted on June 24, 2015 at 3:15 PM

Our sexual expression our sexual desires are uniquely ours, What turns one person on may revolt another, yet this does not mean that there is something wrong with our desire, our desires are the passion the drive that feed us that moves us to live


Personally I see our sexual expression as unique to us.. We all have a unique genetic code and therefore why cannot we have a unique erotic code..


We live currently in a society and mainly westernised culture of exploration of sexuality.. Everything is sex yes, yet in many ways the way sex is portrayed is in a sleaze shameful way.. Half clad stick thin girls promoting sexy lingerie.. Which in reality is not what many women like as they judge themselves for been a little bulge her or there..


We are born into this world as pleasure seeking curious creatures, our senses are what fuels us... Watch a baby, how they smile when cuddled or stroked gently.. Yet as this pleasure seeking machine grows, judgements are placed upon them, don't touch there, move your hand away from there, that's bad messy, no no don't do that thats naughty, for many parents it is a natural form of protection for their child yet as we have come to see this forms the bases of much shame and repression of healthy sexual expression.


How do we educate and embrace our eroticism how do we Honor our erotic nature... We hide it behind closed doors, we are scared of showing expression our desires, we fear we will be judged if we say we like girls as well as boys, or that we fantasise what it would be like to have a dog lick our genitals, yet we are fine with dogs licking armpits, faces etc, so why is so much emphasis place on gent italic.. Why is it ok to show our faces our hands our feet, yet for women to expose their breasts or vulva is unacceptable in today's society..and for men to exes their penises that is seen as indencent exposure.. We are so hung up on what is right and wrong, we fear the sensuality of our naked ness and in that it is pornographically sexualized rather than celebrated as something beautiful.. We can view erotic renaissance images by famous artists, and marvel at the exquisite beauty, yet if we produce naked photographic imagery that is classed as pornography..


Are we becoming more evolved within our sexual eroticism or our we exploiting and deepening the already wounded facet of human psyche.. What is it about our deep dark desires that we fear so much, and why have we put judgements on and around what is or is not accepted as pleasurable moral acts..


We all have are own perceptions of the world and how we view sex and sexuality, we all have core erotic themes, that hide deep within the shadows, is it not time to embrace acknowledge communicate and honour these driving forces in our lives and celebrate that which can feed, nourish, deepen and enrich our lives.

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