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Sensate Focus Touch

Posted on April 14, 2015 at 9:35 AM

Sensate focus touch or sensate focusing is a term that is associated with a set of specific sexual exercises for partners or for the individual. This term was introduced by Masters and Johnson for the intention of increasing personal and interpersonal awareness of self and the other's needs. When participating in sensate focus touch the participant is encouraged to focus on their own varied sense experience, rather than to see climax/ejaculation as the sole goal of the sexual experience.


The process of sensate focus touch


As a somatic sex educator I will guide the individuals through the timing and technique of the sensate focusing. During this fist stage of sensate focus touch the individual will be invited to touch their body or if with a partner will be invited byr the partner to expore through touch each others bodies excluding breasts and genitals. You will then be encouraged to savour and enjoy the sensations becoming more aware of the texture and other qualities of yours or your partner's skin. Remember this is a practice in mindful touch and not orgasm or intecourse oreintated. Participants are asked to notice what they themselves find interesting in the skin of themselves or their partner, not on what they think the other partner may enjoy, or if working on self what they woudl usually do.


The second process of sensate focus touch is to increase the touch options to include breasts. Sensation and gathering information about your body or if with a partner their body, savouring the experience. Again if with a partner no touching of genitals is advised at this stage. When in partnered situtaion the individuals then use a technique of placing their hand over their partner's hand in order to show what they find pleasurable in terms of pace and pressure. Remember the intention is to learn about your body and that of your partners rather than going for instant gratification.


Further stages include the gradual introduction of genitals and then full intercourse. Climax/ejacualtion is never the focus.


Sensate focus touch is also used to support males with erectile dysfunction and other forms of arousal difficulties especially where anxiety is involved. Because of performance anxiety in men, the obsessional focus on the penis can result in impotence/erectile dysfunction. As a somatic sexologist, sex educator I encourage men to forget about their penis, and forget about their partner's genitals, and place their focus on the sensual possibilities available in the feel of their own and thier partner's skin, hair, mouth, body, (breasts), etc.


Touch to or with the genitals is not recommended nor is intercourse the goal or the foucs of these sessions, however this does not mean that during the sessions with partner enagagement touching, talking, hugging, kissing, and so on is excluded. This includes not only touch but taste, sound and hearing, as partners are encouraged and invited to talk to each other, to express emotion and to encourage each other.

The aim here is to have an appreciation of a whole new set of sensual possibilities, leading to a reduced concentration on the genitals and its tendency to be the male's dominant concern. Clients often report an improvement in their sex life generally with less anxiety. As the man reports increasing awareness and attention paid to these holistic sense aspects of sex, potency often returns. This works well for women too. Women report more sensation in their vulva, and improved lubrication.

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