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Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, & Sex Educator
Grantham, East Midlands & West Yorkshire
+44 (0) 7768 638602

Welcome to Esensual Sexology 
From the body, and with the body, enhance your pleasure, enrich your life, and journey into sexual wholeness

Allow me to introduce myself and my work.

My name is Kirsteen, and I am a Somatic Intimacy and Relationship Coach and Sex Educator. I am based near Grantham, East Midlands, UK, and I also offer sessions in person in West Yorkshire, and via Skype

I am passionate about supporting people on their journeys to sexual wholeness through the celebration and acceptance of their unique erotic natures.

I work with couples, individuals, and groups, providing an accepting, non-judgemental space where they can explore, discover, and embrace their full erotic potential - so that they can live a deep, intimate, and passionate life of pleasure with themselves and others.  

The main areas I work within are: -

*Women's sexual health and wellbeing
* Men's sexual health and wellbeing
* Couples sex coaching
*Sexual trauma
*Sexual shame, and porn addiction

My sessions are collaborative, and focused on each client's individual requirements. 

I incorporate a range of modalities including ShamanismTaoism, Tantra, Psychology, and Western Philosophies. This breadth of training enables me to assist in bringing about a deep alchemical transformation within each individual if they so choose.

I invite you to call me on +44 (0)7768 638 602 or complete the contact enquiry form here to discuss further.

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